Sunday, March 17, 2013

Sunday, March 17, 2013

                                          Teagan's first birthday and eating a cupcake.
                                         Bubba climbing the stairs.
                                          Busy kids with their kindles.
                                          Tim and Jacinda, with a floss pike in her mouth posing for a picture.

                                         Xadia's make shift pajama's bottoms.

March 1st was Teagan’s first birthday.  We had a small birthday celebration.  Basically we had mini cupcakes with ice cream after dinner and sang happy birthday.  It was not anything like Jacinda’s first birthday which goes to show that when the fourth child comes, the hype is gone.  We also had a birthday on the 9th for Tim.  His party consisted of having all the neighbor kids come over play with our kids and to eat dinner.  We ate hot dogs and Tim’s favorite chocolate cake from Costco.  He originally wanted to have a hot dog roast in the park and feed the homeless, however, that changed because of limited parental supervision for our kids and serving hands.  Instead, we filled water bottles with chapstick, band-aids, flavored drink mix, trail mix, crackers, and mini candy bars.    Now we get to distribute these 30 bottles to homeless individuals.  I need to mention that as we assembled the water bottles, a few of the kids (and neighbor kids) commented that they wanted to be homeless so they can get a filled bottle.
The weather is becoming very beautiful.  We took advantage of the sunshine yesterday by sealing the windows on our house.  We hope this will keep out the box elder bugs.  So far I have noticed a difference.  In the past I had to vacuum the front room 3 times a day.   Today, I only had to vacuum once.  This is such a big improvement.
I love being a mom because my kids are always surprising me.  Jacinda has a good habit of taking mine and Tim’s shirts and using them as pajamas.  Tonight, Xadia grabbed my toasting socks and used them as pajama’s bottoms.  She looked so cute I had to laugh.

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Becky's Place said...

I love you all, what a great idea to think of others on your birthday than yourself. The Fisher family are truly great missionaries!