Fisher Family

Fisher Family

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Sunday, January 6, 2013

 Yesterday Jacinda was baptized.  I am so pleased with her decision.  She truly loves Jesus and wants to be good.  My other kids are trying to be good also.  However, they are still young.  In the beginning of the baptism, as brother Brinkeroff was conducting and reading the program, McCabe turns to me and says, “can we go now?  I am bored.” I laughed and told him that this is a special day and we are here to watch Jacinda get baptized.  He then was quiet because he realized there was no way I was leaving.
Xadia had the opportunity to give the opening prayer.  I went to the front of the room to assist her.  I knelt down to be at her ear level; however, she decided to kneel also.  I then proceeded to whisper in her ear and she started to whisper also.  She was following my example.  I thought it was really cute but most importantly I was happy she had the faith and courage to give a prayer in front of so many people.  When it was time for Jacinda to be baptized, Xadia was not quiet at all.  The moment she came out of the water, Xadia yells, “that was awesome dad.”  Sure….now she is loud.
Christmas was fantastic.  We spent it in California with family.  The kids were in heaven.  Every day they got to play with their cousins.  There was so much to do.  We got to see the lights at the Mission Inn, go hiking on Mt. Rubidoux, and see the rose parade.  It was warm and very lovely.  Meanwhile in Utah it was dumping snow.  On the way home somewhere near Cedar City the temperature was 15 below zero.  Getting out for gas was painfully cold.  Every time I got in the car I felt like my knee caps were going to pop off….thank goodness for heaters.
                 Teagan and Sasha Christmas morning.

                  Xadia opening her Christmas presents.

              Teagan chomping on some left over packaging.

               Jacinda opening her Christmas gift.

     McCabe is very excited about his gift.  His expression says it all.

                 The Fisher and Stubb kids.

                    Lots of family.

              Tim and Teagan getting ready to go to the rose parade.

 A Fisher family picture just before seeing the rose parade.

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